When hiring someone new, detailed screening is vital for the longevity of your business. With more and more ‘bad hire’ stories arising in the press, employers and recruitment agencies are increasingly becoming more aware of the importance of conducting detailed screening.

For many agencies and employers, in-house checks tend to be the norm. Many companies often feel that they do not need to outsource their background checks and vetting processes. But can you afford not to?

In the long run, hiring someone with a false identity or incorrect background information will result in financial loss or even legal fees, not to mention, completely undermining the entire vetting procedure.

To avoid these errors and make sure you’re on top of your vetting procedures, here are our top tips on how to screen your candidates and carry out the necessary checks.

1. Analyse the documentation correctly

Whether it be a passport, driving license or proof of address that is required to vet your candidates, make sure you analyse your candidate’s documentation carefully. There are a whole plethora of ways fraudsters can alter ID documents, from altering the hologram on passports, to cutting and pasting information on a proof of address document. At HooYu we save you time by carrying out the checks ourselves and authenticating the ID document. We scan for signs of photoshopping and forgery by checking its security features through our unique ID documentation platform.

2. Conduct references the right way

Talk to the hiring manager of a company, not Human Resources. Gain insight from the person who directly managed them. It might be an obvious one, but more often than not companies and agencies confirm references for the sake of an audit trail. Know who you’re going to be hiring.

3. Know your best practice

Evaluate your screening process. Take a look at your current procedures and ensure they are meeting the required compliances. And don’t think of this as a one-off task; continue to evaluate your processes to keep on top of things.

4. Know your procedures

Train your staff to understand the best practices of your organisation. Utilise industry specialists such as HooYu to perform checks to ensure the best practice is adhered to.

5. Communicate and review your procedures

In this digital world, you can review and consume legislations anytime. Make sure you remain compliant by reviewing and adhering to future legislation. Communicate these best practices to your clients, HR departments, even your candidates and new employees to retain readability and continuity.

Here at HooYu, we help recruitment agencies automate identity checks for candidate screening, created to take the time and effort out of identity checking in the candidate screening process.

We use multiple identity technologies such as digital footprint verification, ID document authentication and facial biometrics to analyse and confirm identity across multiple sources.

By using HooYu, you will:

– Gain real-time results of your candidate or new employee, without undergoing the lengthy checks yourself to help enhance your audit trail
– Have the confidence to know that your checks are compliant and thorough
– Speedily prove your candidate’s identity so your worker can start on time
– Have the assurance to know who you are dealing with
– Ability to access this information remotely through our cloud based application
– Have the flexibility to manage what ID checks are relevant for your process