While it could take a little time before any changes to the immigration system are made once we leave the EU, recruitment agencies and employers need to be fully aware and prepared for any changes following Brexit.

One of the key changes for the recruitment sector will be the removal of the freedom of movement act as a result of leaving the single market.

Agencies and companies need to be asking themselves: are we carrying out the right checks needed under the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006? Are we fully prepared once the changes under Brexit are made?

At this stage, it is unclear on what the changes will mean for EU nationals working in the UK. Companies may rely more heavily on temporary workers rather than permanent. Whatever these changes may be, recruiters and employers need to be vigilant when analysing ID and visa documentation.

For any workers you are about to recruit, or any employees you’ve recently hired who require a visa, detailed checks need to be made. If you’re not carrying out these checks, especially under the new laws, you could face a penalty fine of £20,000 – no one wants to have to deal with that.

HooYu Identify is designed to help recruitment agencies and HR departments speed up the process of confirming a candidate’s identity. We carry out the necessary checks to thoroughly screen your candidates or employees, confirming they have the correct ID documentation and visas to work in the UK.

Checking your candidates or employees with HooYu Identify helps ensure that fraudsters and hackers can’t use fake identities to infiltrate your or your clients’ organisation. We do this by using multiple ID technologies such as digital footprint verification, ID document authentication and facial biometrics to confirm your candidates’ ID.