We are continually adding new, relevant data sources to HooYu Investigate to make it the most powerful and effective investigation tool available, take a look below to see what’s now live in HooYu Investigate.

New Name & Address data

We recently added a further 52 million name, date of birth & address records from non-public data sources. This new source also includes 27 million additional landline phone numbers, 30 million mobile phone numbers and 18 million email addresses.

Investigators can now search by email address or phone number to find a corresponding physical name & address or discover previously unknown contact details for someone you are investigating.

Commercial Ownership Data

The Commercial and Corporate Ownership Data contains more than 3 million records and includes useful information such as the address, owning entity name, price paid information and Land Registry title numbers.

Investigators can now analyse a company in the graph to reveal all property owned by that company. As such, investigators can use HooYu Investigate to track down assets that are obscured by company structures.

Persons of Significant Control

Knowing who is controlling an entity is an important part of enhanced due diligence processes and helps investigators to shine a light into obfuscated company structures and uncover people behind the scenes that may be controlling a company.

Within HooYu Investigate, a PSC is displayed as a person or a business, investigators are able to explore and discover if they are a current PSC or a previous PSC and we also provide in-depth information about each PSC.

Title Register

HooYu Investigate already enables you to check if a person owns a property, by adding the full Title Register, investigators can now check the full title deed of a property with ownership and charges against the property.

Ex-Directory Data

Whilst HooYu Investigate cannot reveal an Ex-Directory number, we are able to indicate if there is a currently active telephone line in the name of your search subject at that property. The value of this new addition is that it helps build intelligence that your search subject is still resident at that address.

National Register for Social Housing flag

We have also added data from the 2011 National Register for Social Housing (NROSH). This database was maintained between 2004 – 2011 and we provide an indicator in the right-hand rail that the property appears on the register.

Want to speed up your investigations?

If you need to build more intelligence and want to see how HooYu Investigate can help you discover hidden connections, please drop us an email at info.investigate@hooyu.com.