Catch-up on our new webinar where we discuss our research that identified loopholes at Companies House that enables individuals to register as a director, to run businesses and to enable fraud and money laundering, even after they have been struck-off from holding company directorships.

The criminals, termed “chameleon fraudsters”, have been uncovered using graph theory and data visualisation technology in the HooYu Investigate platform to find disqualified directors who illicitly hold an active directorship.

This is despite the fact that “chameleon fraudsters” obfuscate their new directorships by subtly altering their date of birth, or the spelling of their name in an attempt to avoid detection.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How we uncovered these chameleons
  • What it means for investigators and compliance teams
  • What can be done to uncover disqualified directors?
  • How investigators can make sure they are able to build the intelligence they need
  • How can due diligence be done on data being submitted to Companies House?