A Guide to Building a VIP Customer Dossier

The Challenge of Enhanced Due Diligence for VIP and High Volume Customers

Operators are increasingly being required by regulators to conduct more enhanced due diligence on VIP and high value volume customers. Understanding affordability, investigating source of funds and verifying customers information are some of the measures operators are adopting in order to comply with these regulations.

Many operators struggle to find a balance between compliance and practicality, with non-effective due diligence resulting in multi-million-pound fines it has never been more important to find a way to redress the scales.

HooYu Investigate allows you to discover vital information about your customers. With one click, our unique data visualisation platform instantly displays connections between:

    • Addresses
    • Property ownership
    • Negative financial indicators
    • Company shareholdings
    • Company performance data
    • Company directorships

To give you an understanding of how HooYu Investigate works, we’ve created a mock-up of a report on how a VIP Investigation would look like, proving your enhanced due diligence steps to your regulator. Download a copy for yourself below.