Figures from our recent study show that a majority of landlords carrying out Right to Rent checks are unable to spot a fake passport.

The survey, conducted by Atomik Research, found that 68% of the 1,013 respondents if presented with a fake passport would not know how to identify its authenticity. Take a look at the findings here.

Landlords heavily rely on passports as a form of identification to confirm if the resident can legally rent property in the UK, as well as conforming with legalisations.

However, our findings have highlighted a substantial lack of understanding from many landlords, due to no fault of their own. Many simply do not know how to spot the difference between a real passport and a fake one.

To help you beat those fraudsters and gain the confidence in what to look out for when carrying out Right to Rent checks, take a look at our top tips on how to spot a fake passport.

These findings recently made it into Landlord Today and Letting Agent Today.

If you are a landlord carrying out Right to Rent checks and want to know who you are dealing with, then you can with a HooYu request.