Why are Local Government departments are using HooYu Investigate to decrease public sector fraud?

HooYu Investigate is the most advanced and comprehensive service for Local Government investigators, as increasing pressure on government budgets means that it is important to maximise the return on investigations and reduce the amount of time spent investigating and more time enforcing.

We understand having worked with local government investigators that their current investigation tools deliver flat lists of results when researching people and businesses. These lists make it nearly impossible to realise all the links to a given person or business, and also require multiple data sources and hours of research.

These current ways of conducting investigations are very time consuming and can be costly. HooYu Investigate is different, it is especially designed to have all the information local government investigators need, all in one place. HooYu Investigate shows the results of a search in a visual graph where every connection to a person, business or address is immediately displayed.

Hooyu Investigate Graph


HooYu Investigate is proven to reduce the burden on investigators and increase the overall success rate of investigations, one example is how the Environmental Health Team in Tower Hamlets local authority have used it whilst implementing their Landlord Licensing Scheme. Using HooYu Investigate has given the team the ability to find Landlords and see property occupants, check property ownership, see associated businesses and easily identify aliases and name variations.

HooYu Investigate has helped Tower Hamlets find connections that would usually go unnoticed, enabling them to improve their investigations in to individuals, whilst having all the information in one place for the first time means they save time and resources.

We also work with other local government departments aiding in a multitude of services and investigations such as:


  • Benefit entitlements and fraud investigations
  • Council tax discount entitlements
  • Landlord Licencing
  • Allocating housing
  • Parking permit entitlements
  • School places applications fraud
  • Unpaid debt and fines recovery
  • Passport and immigration checking
  • Legal process administration
  • Electoral registration

Local government investigators have reported since using HooYu Investigate a significant reduction in their investigation time in an addition to an improvement in the number of successful investigations. They have also highlighted the ability to continue tracing individuals who have edited their names or moved multiple times as a stand-out benefit compared to their existing solutions.

To find out more about how HooYu Investigate helps local government investigations, download our guide to local government investigations.