Suits Me, the hassle free alternative to traditional banking, adopts HooYu ID Document validation & digital footprint verification to enhance application process.


– Suits Me is an innovative banking solution designed specifically for temporary agency and migrant workers.

– HooYu provides Suits Me with identity verification technology to verify customer identities without unnecessary complications or bureaucracy

London October 9th – Leading identity confirmation provider HooYu has partnered with hassle-free alternative banking solution, Suits Me, to deploy KYC technology at account opening.

As the alternative, short term banking solution, Suits Me, is one of the UK’s leading e-accounts for temporary agency and migrant workers who are unable to open a traditional high street bank account. Members are able to receive wages directly into their bank account and receive a VISA debit card that can be used in stores, online and over the phone in millions of locations worldwide.

HooYu Identify is a global identity confirmation service that combines multiple identity technologies including identity document authentication, facial biometrics, digital footprint analysis, database checks and PEPS and Sanctions watchlist checks to confirm identity.

The payment card, which is set to have over 10,000 members by 2019, has integrated HooYu Identify to maximise the speed and success rate for customers wanting to open an account.

New customers applying for a Suits Me will be seamlessly identified and KYC checked via ID document validation, proof of address capture, PEPS and Sanctions checks and digital footprint analysis. The HooYu customer on-boarding process is provided in 13 different languages.

Matthew Sanders, CEO for Suits Me, commented, “Our mission is to help workers get paid, and by integrating HooYu Identify, we can make this process happen even more quickly.”

“Getting wages paid fairly, transparently and on time is not only confusing for temporary and migrant workers, but can be costly in terms of cashing in payment cheques, or receiving wages to a nominated bank account. We strive to help workers in all aspects of the payment process including having access to their own e-account, and partnering with HooYu will make this process more efficient without unnecessary complications or bureaucracy,”

David Pope, Marketing Director at HooYu, added, “We are delighted to have partnered with Suits Me. They are an innovative solution helping temporary workers benefit from freedom, choice and financial inclusion.”

“HooYu Identify blends a range of identity verification techniques into one service and our clients such as Suits Me pick and choose depending on their needs and to implement KYC on a Risk-Based Approach. This has enabled them to build their ideal customer on-boarding process balancing the twin objectives of security and convenience.”