As the new financial year edges closer, many departments will be looking for ways to stretch their budgets further, with many areas being told they must make savings in the 2018/2019 financial year.

Research has shown that Local Government budgets are 26% lower than they were in 2010 and there is ever more reliance than ever on generating income internally. At the same time, police spending is predicted to drop by 6% between now and 2021.

One way of reducing costs is through the cutting of services or resources; another is consolidating those resources to save money but without any loss of the tools needed to help public servants do their jobs. HooYu Investigate is one such product that offers that function.

HooYu Investigate is an investigation platform that contains information from multiple sources that public sector organisations currently access independently, incurring multiple individual costs. Instead, HooYu Investigate makes the data available in one place with a more economical and time-saving tool.

HooYu Investigate also saves investigators time thanks to its unique visual interface. HooYu Investigate displays search results in a graph, with the search subject at the centre of the graph enabling users to explore the graph to see connections to addresses, property ownership, previous and current co-occupants and connections to businesses.

HooYu Investigate connects 180 million people records, 14 million business records and 32 million UK addresses in a single graph comprising trillions of links, this means you can clearly see the subject of your investigation and easily collect intelligence without the need for a specialist analysts or expensive graphing tools.

On average, our clients have found that HooYu Investigate is over 10X faster than using traditional investigation tools, and offers significant savings compared to other services. Since launching HooYu Investigate has been adopted by multiple local and central government branches such as Tower Hamlets Local Council, Apple, Vitality and police agencies who are more than happy to share their business cases for using Hooyu Investigate if required.