Insurance services provider, Action 365 part of the Freedom Service Group, has partnered with HooYu, a specialist network link analysis technology provider, to use HooYu Investigate, a powerful fraud investigation and data visualisation tool.

Action 365 provide market-leading first notification of loss and claims management services that protect insurers from fraud and deliver a great claims experience to customers when they report a claim.

HooYu Investigate is a network link analysis solution that helps insurers to find links between people, addresses and businesses using data visualisation.  Action 365 agents will now use HooYu to build extra intelligence in claims investigations at a click and a glance.  Agents will be able to quickly uncover links between previous fraud claim history and names, addresses, businesses and emails and phone numbers used in new and ongoing claims.

Sam White, CEO of Freedom Services Group commented: “We want to innovate and disrupt the traditional approach to claims management.  By empowering our people with HooYu Investigate, we can create more value for our clients by detecting links between historical and new fraud claims within a few seconds of first notification of loss.”    

David Pope, Marketing Director of HooYu added: “Action 365 have a reputation for empowering their staff to protect their insurance clients from loss. They’re a perfect fit for the latest feature in HooYu Investigate that enables clients to upload historical fraud data and see when that data connects to current claims and investigations. Going forward, Action 365 will be able not just to uncover more fraud for their clients but also to approve legitimate claims quicker.”