Slamming the door on housing fraudsters

Five ways to detect social housing fraud

Last year, local authorities detected and prevented 75,000 fraud cases, saving the public purse £336.2m, according to figures released by CIPFA, the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy.

The highest value area of fraud is housing fraud with an estimated total of £263.4m. This equates to approximately 80% of the £336m that was saved from housing fraud.

By giving housing fraud investigation teams more data, more tools and better processes to build more intelligence, local government can reduce the burden on the public purse from
social housing fraud.

As a specialist provider of investigation and intelligence tools, the team at HooYu has written
this report to share our five top tips on how to detect the signs of social housing fraud.

Download our report below to get insight on:

  • The typologies of social housing fraud
  • The signs to watch for housing fraud
  • How to use the HooYu Investigate platform to build intelligence, speed-up investigations and uncover social housing fraud