Email addresses and Mobile Phone Numbers now live on HooYu Investigate

11th June 2018 - Simon Kelman / Blog

HooYu Investigate has today updated its data sources to include non-public data sets that add: An additional 52 million name, date of birth & address records 27 million additional landline… »

On-demand webinar: World Cup 2018 – forecasts for revenue growth & increase in card fraud

11th June 2018 - Vicky Brien / Webinars

The World Cup kicks off this week! So now is the time to understand how the gaming industry can minimise the risks and boost fraud defences on their platforms in… »

Download: Speed Up Age Verification Checks

29th May 2018 - Vicky Brien / Blog

Download on Speeding Up Age Verification Checks:   HooYu uses a unique combination of identity techniques such as database checks, ID document validation, proof of address checks and digital footprint… »

The Fintech Times hails HooYu as one of the “Startups to change the world”

29th May 2018 - Simon Kelman / Blog

HooYu is proud that the Fintech Times has included HooYu in its latest issue, in an article which discusses fintech startups that will change the world. One of the reasons… »

Gambling Commission calls on firms to do more to improve consumer welfare

26th May 2018 - Simon Kelman / Blog

In a new report published by the Gambling Commission gambling firms have been given a “Call to action” over their attitude to consumer welfare. The head of the regulator Neil McArthur has… »

Did you miss our webinar on how to reduce KYC abandonment in the gaming industry?

4th May 2018 - Vicky Brien / Blog

During our recent webinar we discussed how gaming operators from across the world can reduce customer abandonment. We also highlighted the key tactics operators can use to increase KYC KPI’s… »

Download: Local Government – Speed Up Your Fraud Investigations

29th April 2018 - Vicky Brien / Blog

Download our brochure for Local Government: HooYu Investigate enables local government investigators across the UK to conduct more advanced and faster intelligence gathering. HooYu Investigate works with local government departments… »

Glint adopts HooYu Identify to streamline customer on-boarding

24th April 2018 - Simon Kelman / Blog

London April 23rd – Leading identity confirmation provider HooYu has partnered with Glint to verify customer identity and maximise the speed and success rate for customers wanting to open an account…. »

Account Opening Abandonment Reduction | Whitepaper

23rd April 2018 - Simon Kelman / Blog

How does your digital channel measure up? We’ve published insight to benchmark online account opening processes. To download the report click here.  

Atos select HooYu Identify to join their global fintech innovation program

16th April 2018 - Simon Kelman / Blog

London, April 16th – Atos, a global leader in digital transformation, has selected HooYu Identify as a provider of global identity verification technology to join the Atos global FinTech Partner… »