Watch the Fintech Finance interview with HooYu’s Marketing Director at Lendit Europe.

27th October 2016 - David Pope / Blog


Online money transfer specialist Fonmoney speeds up customer verification with HooYu

12th October 2016 - Simon Kelman / Blog

London, UK –  October 12th 2016 – Identity confirmation provider HooYu Identify today announced that their identity confirmation technology is helping online money transfer specialist Fonmoney to fast track its KYC (Know… »

Know Your Customers: verify & accept more customers with HooYu

9th October 2016 - David Pope / Blog

HooYu Identify has been designed as a unique identity confirmation platform to help financial services brands easily and quickly complete Customer Due Diligence checks.  Our clients tell us that in… »

How your customers’ digital footprints help with KYC compliance

27th September 2016 - David Pope / Blog

In today’s digital age there’s a new wealth of data ready to be mined, analysed and referenced to help prove customer identity and achieve KYC compliance.  Courtesy of how we… »

On-demand webinar: Who’s got trust issues?

12th September 2016 - David Pope / Webinar

Watch our on-demand webinar with sharing economy expert, Chelsea Rustrum, where we examine attitudes towards trust and identity in the sharing economy:

Users 4X more likely to use sharing economy sites if…

18th August 2016 - David Pope / Blog

To follow-on from our previous blog post where we examined how NOT to create trust on sharing economy sites, this blog post examines research data that shows how identity checking… »

“User verification on the internet is difficult” WRONG!

25th July 2016 - David Pope / Blog

At HooYu HQ we’re busy working with sharing economy brands and peer-to-peer sites to help them bring trust and confidence to their online communities.   Many companies in this fast-growing segment… »