London, – June 01, 2017 – Identity confirmation provider HooYu Identify today announced that it has partnered with Vestabyte, Australia’s first crowd investment platform, enabling them to verify and welcome lenders from all over the world and comply with Australian regulations.

With its innovative approach to identity verification, HooYu Identify is the first reg-tech company to combine multiple identity technologies including ID document authentication, facial biometrics, digital footprint analysis from a customer’s online history, PEPs and Sanctions checks and identity scoring.

Vestabyte is open to retail investors and their platform facilitates capital raising and investment between private companies and the everyday person. Vestabyte reviewed several providers of identity check technology and selected HooYu Identify to help Vestabyte verify customer identity and speed up the investor registration process.

Scott Schulz Co-Founder of Vestabyte stated, “With the use of innovative technology such as HooYu, Vestabyte offers a quick easy registration process to invest in a wide number of companies, allowing the everyday person to invest in the companies they believe in, whereas in the past such investments were reserved to persons with larger amounts of capital. Vestabyte has democratised financial investments for the masses”.

David Pope, Director of Marketing at HooYu Identify said, “Our partnership with Vestabyte helps speed up the process of on-boarding investors, cutting down a procedure that previously could take hours or days. HooYu Identify has established itself as a global identity verification platform, helping to increase the robustness of customer identity verification, and decrease investor abandonment”.

The HooYu Identify service is integrated into a firm’s online application process. HooYu Identify cross-references and analyses data from a person’s digital footprint to confirm their real-world identity. HooYu Identify also extracts and verifies data from ID documents at the same time as authenticating the ID document and conducting a biometric facial check comparing a selfie of the customer with the facial image on their ID document.