London, 13 September 2017: Identity confirmation provider HooYu Identify has partnered with C6 Intelligence (C6), leading provider of customer due diligence data including KYC, On-Going Monitoring, and Enhanced Due Diligence. The new partnership will add the C6 PEPS and Sanctions and adverse media data to the HooYu Identify identity platform further helping companies to comply with anti-money laundering regulations through a single platform.

HooYu Identify is designed to help firms to verify and on-board customers using a unique blend of identity technologies including digital footprint analysis, identity document authentication, facial biometrics, database verification, and PEPs and Sanctions checks.

Emma Mills, COO at C6 Intelligence commented:

“We are excited to be included in the HooYu Identify identity confirmation platform. The addition of C6’s unique adverse media, PEPs and Sanctions data furthers the pursuit of ensuring that regulated firms know who their customers are before they transact with them. The need to comply with anti-money laundering regulations can now conveniently be completed through HooYu Identify in a single platform. A definite 1+1 = 3 partnership!”

David Pope, Director of Marketing at HooYu Identify commented:

“HooYu Identify is the first identity platform to combine and blend different kinds of identity verification technology. Our clients include banks, money transfer businesses, prepaid card issuers, and lenders and they use HooYu Identify as an integrated identity solution to cross-reference and compare identity attributes from multiple sources.  We added C6 to the HooYu Identify platform as they have the most comprehensive database of actionable intelligence. Our clients will value the C6 adverse media insight in addition to the PEPS and Sanctions data.”  

HooYu Identify extracts and verifies data from ID documents at the same time as authenticating the ID document and conducting a biometric facial check comparing a selfie of the customer with the facial image on their ID document. HooYu Identify also cross-references and analyses data from a person’s digital footprint to confirm their real-world identity.