With local authorities owed billions in unpaid revenues, fraudsters making false applications, and businesses operating illegally, Oxford Council’s Investigation Service is adopting new technology to protect the public purse.

Oxford Investigation Service is a leading fraud investigation service provider, working as part of Oxford City Council and since forming they have recovered in excess of over £11 million for Oxford City Council as well as over £5 million for other partner agencies and local authorities.

As part of their ongoing fight against fraud they have recently adopted HooYu Investigate; a unique investigation service that enables investigators to visualise their subjects in a knowledge graph and gather financial, property, business and contact intelligence whilst uncovering hidden connections to other individuals or known associates.

Using HooYu Investigate has enabled investigators to uncover links to new addresses or businesses that would previously been overlooked, as well as saving a substantial amount of investigation time gathering intelligence from multiple sources. Oxford Investigation Service estimates that since using Investigate they have reduced the time of their intelligence gathering for some cases by as much as 50%.

Scott Warner, Counter-Fraud Manager for the Oxford Investigation Service commented: “HooYu Investigate is highly intuitive to use, it stitches data together in a way that makes uncovering intelligence and hidden connections simple. HooYu Investigate speeds up fraud investigations by as much as 50% so we can recover more lost revenue for our clients.”

David Pope, Marketing Director of HooYu commented: “Public sector fraud teams have to manage a wide range of investigations into council tax, housing eligibility, council tax reduction, business rates, as well as conducting empty home reviews.  By using HooYu Investigate they can get through their caseload quicker to recover money that can now be used to fund frontline services.”

The Oxford Investigation Service has a reputation for excellence, winning the 2016 award for Excellence in Corporate Fraud by the IRRV, and having been nominated for three awards in 2017, going on to win the award for Excellence in Innovation. In 2018, the team were again recognised as leaders in class, securing the award for Excellence in Counter Fraud. They provide a fully inclusive service of investigation right through to taking legal proceedings, whether it is civil or criminal. 

On the 26th of September, the Oxford Investigation Service will host its 4th Annual Fraud Conference. This year the conference will focus on the use of technology, including the use of HooYu Investigate and how it can be used to enhance investigations.