The biggest challenge FOREX and CFD organisations face is onboarding traders quickly and effectively. Traders don’t want to sign up and then have to email documents and possibly wait up to a week before they can deposit and start trading.

HooYu helps organisations such as high-street banks, challenger banks, and online trading platforms to create a custom onboarding process that works for their customers, reducing friction and maximising their onboarding.

This webinar covers the challenges faced and the solutions, such as:

  • How a custom onboarding journey can maximise your onboarding
  • How we can help automate ID verification and remove your back-office checks
  • How you can customise what information you require based on your own rules such as location or risk
  • How effective KYC can help prevent money laundering and fraud
  • The impact of 5MLD and other possible regulation and what it will mean for FOREX and CFD