Yesterday HooYu Identify had the pleasure of pitching at the Airline Information Travel Fraud Prevention Lion’s Den.  The Lions listening to the pitches were the Heads of Fraud from airlines and hotels and after a 5 minute elevator pitch and a round of quick fire questions, the panel decided that HooYu should scoop the award for Best Platform!

The theme for the event was “Getting ahead in a digital age” and how companies within the travel sector can keep ahead of the fraudsters who are becoming increasingly more sophisticated in their modus operandi to defraud the travel industry.

Here are a just a few reasons why we won the award:

– HooYu Identify offers a new approach to ID verification and combines multiple identity technologies such as digital footprint analysis, facial biometrics, ID document authentication and database checks

– By cross-referencing a variety of different identity data sources, HooYu provides a complete picture of the person you’re verifying, giving you the confidence to know who you’re dealing with

– HooYu Identify can be used on a Risk-Based Approach – for example, low-risk loyalty redemptions vs. high-risk high-value tickets, can each be put through a different HooYu process to create proportionate levels of identity confidence to enable a transaction to proceed

– HooYu Identify is not only used by businesses, but by individuals who want to check the identity of a person they are dealing with online to protect from villa-rental scams.