At the end of last year, we were invited along with five other leading innovators from the Fintech landscape, to pitch our product in front of an audience and industry leaders.

After some quick fire questions and winning the audience vote, the HooYu team successfully scooped up the RegTech Stars Shark Tank Award! Here are just a few reasons why we won:

At HooYu, we’re taking a disruptive approach to identity verification. Our platform has been designed with innovation and ease in mind, using technology to help firms meet their regulatory requirements effectively and efficiently.

Our clients tell us that in the UK, they are only able to verify 70% of customers using traditional KYC methods. However, since using HooYu Identify, the remaining 30% of customers are now successfully verified, speeding up the verification process and increasing onboarding.

Our global identity confirmation service is used not only by businesses that need to check their customers are who they say they are, but also by consumers who want to check another person’s identity before they proceed with an important or sensitive transaction.

HooYu’s approach is to blend and combine multiple identity technologies including

– social media and digital footprint analysis
– identity document authentication
– facial biometrics
– database checks
– PEPS and Sanctions watch list checks, to confirm identity.

By cross-referencing a variety of different data sources, HooYu can provide you with a full picture of your customer, helping to increase customer on-boarding as well as meeting KYC and AML regulations.