Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

HooYu Investigate is used by law enforcement investigators across the UK enabling them to conduct more advanced and faster intelligence gathering

Conduct fast comprehensive investigations with just a small piece of intelligence

Discover Hidden Connections

We know that time is often of the essence, so investigators need a service that instantly presents reliably sourced data in a visual and easily digestible format.

With traditional search and investigation tools, it can be all too easy to miss vital information, HooYu Investigate streamlines and speeds up your intelligence gathering by instantly confirming known connections within a single online service.

How HooYu Investigate For Law Enforcement

HooYu Investigate is 10X quicker compared to using separate

data sources.

Financial Crime & Terrorism Investigator, Tony Doyle

Its unique graphical interface and 360-degree view instantly reveals a subject’s world, their addresses (current and past), co-occupants, length of residency, connected people and businesses, email addresses and phone numbers.

Investigate gives the ability to dive deeper into data than ever before and conduct comprehensive investigations starting with just a small piece of intelligence.

Find connections that would normally be invisible










Names and Addresses



Non-Public Names and Addresses
Landline phone numbers



Landline phone numbers
Mobile phone numbers



Mobile phone numbers
Email addresses



Email addresses
Mortality Records Mortality Records
CCJ Checks CCJ Checks
Insolvency Records Insolvency Records
Property Info Property Info

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