HooYu Investigate enables investigators to instantly visualise an individual’s world with their connections to property and businesses

Gain insight into your customer’s financial and business standing

Discover Hidden Connections

The ability to gain insight into your customers is an integral part of affordability investigations.

Traditional investigation tools require extensive cross-referencing of data, but with HooYu Investigate you can dig deeper into the data to discover property valuations and ownership, negative financial indicators, CCJ’s and more without the need for multiple services and searches.

How HooYu Investigate For Affordability Investigations

HooYu Investigate helps build a picture of a person with some financial indicators that starts to build insight into affordability and a rationale for their transactions

Royal Panda

Our unique graphical interface allows you to discover hidden connections and to look for connections between suspected fraudsters such as common addresses or associates.

You can traverse the graph in any direction of interest and across multiple degrees of separation from the subject.

Easily visualise affordability and ownership 

Data Points









Names and Addresses



Non-Public Names and Addresses
Landline phone numbers



Landline phone numbers
Mobile phone numbers



Mobile phone numbers
Email addresses



Email addresses
Mortality Records Mortality Records
CCJ Checks CCJ Checks
Insolvency Records Insolvency Records
Property Info Property Info

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