Peer-to-peer Confirmation

HooYu Identify gives you the confidence to know that the person you are dealing is who they say they are

A simple and fast way to build trust in the people you are dealing with

From hiring an au pair to selling a car, dealing with people you don’t know comes with inherent risks. HooYu Identify can help reduce those risks in a peer-to-peer environment by democratising identity verification and giving everyone the power to verify an identity.

With HooYu Identify you can confirm a person’s identity in real time. We do this without the need to share your sensitive personal information, or have it stored online.

Global Identity Confirmation Service

HooYu helps us add another layer of trust and safety to our marketplace giving our vehicle owners additional confidence in knowing that we proactively verify the identity of our users


Our easy and safe to use ID checking service that uses online and social media identity data, ID documents and facial biometric checks to prove that a person is who they say they are.

Once HooYu has checked and confirmed an identity, both parties receive an identity report. Then HooYu deletes the data used to make the identity confirmation and will only store or share information you have chosen to provide to the requestor.

If you want to learn more about the HooYu identity trust and safety solutions, please get in touch for a demo.

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A unique approach to customer peer to peer verification

Customer Registration

Customer Registration

No Match to Identity Database Checks

No Match to Identity Database Checks

HooYu Integrated into your site

HooYu Integrated into your site

Your customers' identity is checked

Your customers' identity is checked

Customer Accepted

Customer Accepted

HooYu Identity Scoring

HooYu Identity Scoring

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