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HooYu Identify is a global identity confirmation service that looks beyond traditional database checks or ID document validation

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Whilst we do offer traditional database checks to our clients, we also provide a higher level of confidence by using additional identity techniques such as digital footprint analysis, facial biometrics, ID document validation and geo-location to help prevent identity impersonation.

In today’s age of data breach, just because a customer provides a name and address, a date of birth or an ID document doesn’t guarantee that the customer is who they say they are.

Global Identity Confirmation Service

Identity fraud continues to rise, hitting an all-time high of 174,523 cases in the UK in 2017


The HooYu approach to identity verification helps prevent identity impersonation. Seamlessly combining identity verification technologies, HooYu creates a stronger overall process but we don’t stop there.

Then, HooYu Identify generates an identity confidence score by cross-referencing the identity attributes gleaned from the sources used.

If you want to learn more about the HooYu identity confidence score, please get in touch for a demo.

Prevent impersonation and identity theft

A unique approach to Impersonation checks

Customer Registration

Customer Registration

No Match to Identity Database Checks

No Match to Identity Database Checks

HooYu Integrated into your site

HooYu Integrated into your site

Your customers' identity is checked

Your customers' identity is checked

Customer Accepted

Customer Accepted

HooYu Identity Scoring

HooYu Identity Scoring

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