Customer Due Diligence

HooYu Identify combines a variety of identity verification technologies to form a stronger, more robust due diligence process for re-verification

Avoid hefty fines and reverify your existing customers with HooYu

Many banks and financial service providers have recently been fined millions of pounds for failures to meet AML compliance requirements to reverify the identity of existing customers.

HooYu Identify is relied on by financial service institutions to reverify their existing customers with a unique blend of database checks, ID document authentication, proof of address matches and digital footprint analysis on a risk-based-approach.

Global Identity Confirmation Service

HooYu enables us to verify customer details and customer identity documents at any point in the customer lifecycle


At HooYu we work with our clients to help them deploy customer re-verification processes across their channels and at relevant points in the customer lifecycle. The HooYu approach combines identity verification technologies to create a stronger identity verification process that clients can use for a risk-based-approach.

However, we don’t stop there, HooYu Identify generates an identity confidence score by cross-referencing the identity attributes gleaned from the sources used.

If you want to learn more about the HooYu identity confidence score, please get in touch for a demo.

Reverify customer identity on a risk-based approach

A unique approach to Customer Due Diligence checks

Customer Registration

Customer Registration

No Match to Identity Database Checks

No Match to Identity Database Checks

HooYu Integrated into your site

HooYu Integrated into your site

Your customers' identity is checked

Your customers' identity is checked

Customer Accepted

Customer Accepted

HooYu Identity Scoring

HooYu Identity Scoring

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