Fraud Prevention

HooYu Identify is frequently used to verify customer identity when e-commerce sites use a risk engine to identify suspicious and high-risk transactions.

Prevent chargebacks and beat card fraudsters with the range of HooYu identity technologies

E-commerce sites want to maximise the orders they can fulfil, yet when a transaction is classed as high-risk they need to build further confidence that the customer is who they say they are. HooYu Identify will seamlessly use a range of identity verification tools to check that there is no card fraudster hiding behind the transaction.

Global Identity Confirmation Service

Our transactions are screened in real-time with HooYu Identify to ensure that the customer has given us a real name and address and date of birth.

Leading UK Retailer

HooYu Identify will first check databases to confirm that the name, address, and date of birth is real and correct. Where there is no match or only a thin match to the databases, HooYu can deploy an analysis of the customers digital footprint from FacebookLinkedIn or PayPal to determine if the customer is who they say they are. For very high-risk or high value orders, HooYu Identify can be deployed to gather a customer driving licence or passport and authenticate that document to further prove customer identity.

If you want to learn more about the HooYu identity fraud prevention solution, please get in touch for a demo.

Easily prevent card not present fraud

How to prove customer identity for high-risk card transactions

Customer Registration

Customer Registration

No Match to Identity Database Checks

No Match to Identity Database Checks

HooYu Integrated into your site

HooYu Integrated into your site

Your customers' identity is checked

Your customers' identity is checked

Customer Accepted

Customer Accepted

HooYu Identity Scoring

HooYu Identity Scoring

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