Age Verification

HooYu uses a unique combination of identity techniques such as database checks, ID document validation, proof of address checks and digital footprint analysis to verify age

Meet social responsibility requirements by age verifying your customers

Online gambling and ecommerce sites selling age sensitive products use HooYu Identify to complete age verification checks.

We work with our clients to deliver a seamless digital journey using our range of identity technologies such as database checks, ID document validation, proof of address checks and digital footprint analysis.

Global Identity Confirmation Service

HooYu enables us to check customer age and identity to prevent underage gambling

Leading Casino Operator

HooYu Identify offers a seamless process where age and identity is first checked against our range of identity databases.

If the customer can’t be verified against databases, then the customer is guided to take a selfie, take a photo of their ID document, and if required, take a photo of a proof of address document.

HooYu Identify will then produce a report to confirm that the customer age and identity has been verified and our clients can confidently transact with that customer.

Easily check customer age and identity

Multiple ways to check customer age

Customer Registration

Customer Registration

No Match to Identity Database Checks

No Match to Identity Database Checks

HooYu Integrated into your site

HooYu Integrated into your site

Your customers' identity is checked

Your customers' identity is checked

Customer Accepted

Customer Accepted

HooYu Identity Scoring

HooYu Identity Scoring

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