HooYu has partnered with specialist insurance wholesaler TFP Schemes Limited to provide them with HooYu Investigate, a powerful anti-fraud investigation and data visualisation service.

Hooyu Investigate Graph


TFP Schemes are a specialist wholesale insurer for taxi insurance and are using HooYu Investigate to verify information and prevent fraudulent claims. Adopting Hooyu Investigate has enabled TFP to save time and money on investigations by providing and presenting all relevant information in a single, easy-to-navigate graph that shows connections between people, business and address.


Paul Humphries, General Manager of TFP Schemes commented: “HooYu Investigate will further enhance our investigators’ ability to verify information and detect fraud, using an interface that is much simpler and more intuitive. Being able to see connections between people, businesses and addresses enables us to discover relationships that would have previously been hidden.”


Dominic Blackburn, Product Director of HooYu Investigate commented: “I am delighted to partner with TFP Schemes. 192.com has been providing high quality information to investigators for over 20 years, but Hooyu Investigate enables us to take this to a whole new level. With this unique and intuitive data visualisation tool, investigators are now able to really get inside the information and discover much more than was previously possible.”


HooYu Investigate helps investigators to discover crucial information about their subjects at a click and a glance – they can ascertain quickly if the subject lives at the address claimed, whether they are linked to known high-risk addresses, and even to other known fraudsters. It will also reveal properties that they own and any corporate connections, and allow investigators to follow the graph wherever a lead emerges. HooYu Investigate makes sure that investigators have all the information they need inside a service that allows them to explore it efficiently and effectively.