In a new report published by the Gambling Commission gambling firms have been given a “Call to action” over their attitude to consumer welfare. The head of the regulator Neil McArthur has said; “Not enough is being done” and that “Companies can do a lot more to demonstrate they care about consumers and want to treat them right and keep them safe”.

One of the highlighted issues the Gambling Commission is keen to tackle is firms being able to better understand their customers and to be able to spot links and connections, which could indicate instances of people getting into financial difficulties through their gambling or money laundering.

The report commented that; “Firms need to know their customers and from where they get their money and how they can afford it, we want operators to put consumer welfare first, use all the data they have about people to get an overall view of individual customers at the earliest possible stage.”

This is where HooYu Investigate can help assist gambling firms in complying with these new guidelines. Since launching last year, we have been working with some of the biggest UK gaming operators to enable them to get to know their customers better with our unique data visualisation investigation tools and our KYC on-boarding platform.

Our unique data visualisation tools come preloaded with data including current and previous names and addresses, CCJ’s insolvency records, contact details such as emails and mobile numbers, business data and much more. It shows in a clear way the subject of a search at the centre of a graph displaying all known connections to the subject such as home addresses, previous and current co-habitants, property ownership, and business shareholdings and directorships.

Early adopters of Andromeda include Ladbrokes Coral and Broadway Gaming, enabling their compliance, social responsibility and fraud teams to save money and time. Clients of our unique investigation platform  report that it is on average 10x faster than traditional investigation tools.

Andromeda also goes beyond the requirements of the Gambling Commission’s report and helps operators to discover Non-Obvious Relationship Awareness (NORA) information about customers at a click, helping with investigations into collusion, multiple account, fraud rings, affordability and problem gambling.

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View the full report from the Gambling Commission here.