HooYu Investigate has today updated its data sources to include non-public data sets that add:

  • An additional 52 million name, date of birth & address records
  • 27 million additional landline phone numbers
  • 30 million mobile phone numbers
  • 18 Million email addresses

This new data (fully GDPR compliant) is now available to search in HooYu Investigate, you can now search an email address / phone number to find a corresponding physical name & address or discover previously unknown contact details for someone you are investigating.


HooYu Investigate has updated its data sources to include non-public data:



To search an email address or phone number you can use the NEW contact search option on the Hooyu Investigate homepage, or via the people search form. Phone numbers and email addresses will be displayed in the right hand panel. The updated graph will now show connections between people that share phone numbers and email addresses and will also show matches between businesses and email addresses that share the same domain.