Digital Banking Report

How does your digital channel measure up?

We’ve published insight to benchmark online account opening processes.

The digital banking revolution is (still) gathering pace. Fintech start-ups are growing with VC funding and a fertile ecosystem. Challenger banks are being granted licences, are launching and winning customers. And credit to the traditional banks whose digital labs are now helping the high street giants to think, act and be digital.

So, by what yardstick can we measure a bank’s digital performance? Perhaps the simplest measure of a bank’s digital mettle is to benchmark their online account opening performance.

Download our report to get insight on:

  • What volumes of online account applications are UK banks seeing and what are the growth trends on prior year?
  • How long does online account opening take?
  • What is the online account opening completion rate?
  • How new identity technology can increase account opening completion success rates.