Catch-up on our webinar: Fintech KYC technology report – how do you measure up?

11th December 2018 - Vicky Brien / Blog

During our recent webinar we discussed the latest findings from our Prepaid Fintech KYC report, in partnership with PIF (Prepaid International Forum), sharing insight into how the prepaid and fintech… »

On-demand webinar: World Cup 2018 – forecasts for revenue growth & increase in card fraud

11th June 2018 - Vicky Brien / Webinars

The World Cup kicks off this week! So now is the time to understand how the gaming industry can minimise the risks and boost fraud defences on their platforms in… »

Did you miss our webinar on how to reduce KYC abandonment in the gaming industry?

4th May 2018 - Vicky Brien / Blog

During our recent webinar we discussed how gaming operators from across the world can reduce customer abandonment. We also highlighted the key tactics operators can use to increase KYC KPI’s… »

Catch up on our investigations on-demand webinar: Identify Beneficial Owners

28th February 2018 - Simon Kelman / Webinar

When it comes to beneficial owner verification, the complexity of protracted compliance processes often delays a transaction, account opening or matter inception. During our recent webinar we discussed how companies… »

Catch up on our on-demand webinar

31st January 2018 - Vicky Brien / Webinar

Re-verifying the identity of existing customers is an important part of financial services firms’ CDD requirements. Regulators often spot check and review remediation processes, and where they are not in… »

On-demand webinar: Account Opening Benchmarking report

26th April 2017 - Vicky Brien / Blog

By what yardstick can we measure a bank’s digital performance? Perhaps the simplest measure of a bank’s digital mettle is to benchmark their online account opening performance. Watch our on-demand… »

On-demand webinar: Who’s got trust issues?

12th September 2016 - David Pope / Webinar

Watch our on-demand webinar with sharing economy expert, Chelsea Rustrum, where we examine attitudes towards trust and identity in the sharing economy: