Candidate screening is part and parcel of the recruitment process for many agencies or employers looking for new staff. It plays an important part in the on-boarding employee due diligence process.

But how thorough do you consider your vetting processes to be when analysing a candidate’s background? Moreover, how do you confirm your candidate’s identity – are they who they say they are? Can you confidently say that you are fully vetting your candidates & their ID documentation?

If you already follow these best practices then you must already be using HooYu! If you feel you could improve or are curious to understand the consequences of not screening correctly, then here are some top tips on how to vet your candidates properly.

What will happen if I don’t screen my candidates correctly?

More often than not, background checks are not always as detailed as they should be when recruiting somebody new. Be it because of the lack of knowledge what to look for, training or simply the time to do it. However, in the long run, your company could be in jeopardy if these checks are not carried out correctly:

– Data breaches and internal fraud: Checking the ID of someone is vital; it ensures that fraudsters can’t use fake identities to infiltrate you or your client’s organisation.

– Brand damage: If you recruit someone who is using a fake ID or does not have the right to work in the UK, in the long term your companies, or clients, name will be branded as unreliable and unprofessional. Nobody wants that.

– Not complying with employment regulations: We understand chasing for the correct documentation can sometimes be a laborious task, but collecting the right information (are they legally entitled to work in the UK) at the right time will keep you compliant.

How can I screen candidates correctly and thoroughly?

Make sure you know your candidate before pitching them to your client or hiring someone new. It’s key to the longevity of your client and candidate relationships. It might sound obvious, but screening candidates correctly will avoid potential internal fraud and sidestep the worry of not complying with employment and Right to Work regulations.

Many recruiters and employers are using non-traditional ways to recruit new staff and screen candidates. With more than 90% of employers saying they use social media to find employees, today’s digital world has transformed the way we recruit and subsequently screen candidates.

The ways in which to carry out background checks are complex and varied in today’s recruitment landscape. HooYu Identify uses multiple identity technologies such as digital footprint verification, ID document authentication and facial biometrics to analyse and confirm candidate identity across multiple sources.

Know your candidate in three easy steps

HooYu Identify helps recruitment agencies and HR departments to speed up the process of confirming a candidate’s identity. We do the hard work for you to automate the collection and analysis of identity documents, so your worker can start on time and not wait for the manual processes to complete.

No more chasing candidates for documents, photocopying or emailing ID documents. We deliver a more secure, worker/candidate identity checking process so your consultants can focus on earning fees and keeping clients happy.

Here’s how HooYu Identify seamlessly fits into your business process for candidate and worker vetting processes in three easy steps.

1. Request candidate worker details. HooYu Identify integrates easily into your website, job portal, ATS, VMS or CRM. The alternative is to simply send an email or text link to your candidates to begin the verification process.

2. HooYu Identify confirms their identity, by carrying out 3 simple requests.
a. Facial biometric test
b. Digital footprint analysis
c. Document verification (ID, Proof of Address, PEPs & Sanctions etc.)

Recruiters can decide what strength of identity confirmation they require, so candidates or workers must provide one, two or more ID documents alongside their digital identity.

3. We then analyse the data for you, provide you with an overview of the candidate’s verification and confirm if they have passed their on-boarding ID screening or not.