2019 has been a busy year for online gaming operators to get to grips with new social responsibility requirements, better KYC processes and the need to reduce gambling harm.

Knowing who customers are has always been an integral part of operators’ practices, in reality, the bigger focus is now on reducing gambling harm by detecting and acting when customers are at risk.  In fact, in the last three years, Gambling Commission fines for failing to protect players have grown by 1,100%.

As experts in customer on-boarding, KYC and enhanced due diligence technology to help operators to identify and understand their customers, we believe that the industry is now ready to evolve from KYC to what we are calling UYC – Understand Your Customer.

If KYC is about identifying and confirming age and identity information, then UYC is about looking deeper, beyond the obvious to build intelligence on customers to make the best decisions on behalf of those customers to help prevent gambling harm.

The question is…how do operators do this at scale? 

Here’s a quick overview of a HooYu report we have published in the run-up to Responsible Gambling Week.  In this report we share a step by step guide on how operators can build a culture of UYC.    

  • Behavioural analytics, scoring & segmentation  – suggested scoring models to help segment customers into risk buckets so that operators can prioritise UYC effort on players most at risk from problem gambling 
  • Outreach & communication  – how operators can use an escalating outreach approach based on risk of gambling harm
  • Customer visualisation & investigation  – how operators can use customer visualisation to uncover information about their customers
  • Customer intelligence building  – how operators can build financial intelligence in their customers including negative financial indicators and pay-day loan applications   
  • Customer network link analysis  – how operators can link together their own customer databases to spot customers with more than one account and catch relapsed problem gamblers looking to circumvent the GamStop system

If you and your colleagues are ready to go beyond KYC to UYC, then please feel free to read our report  – Five tools that operators can use to implement UYC – you can download it here.