A HooYu Compliance Guide

How will 5MLD impact customer on-boarding and customer due diligence?

There is only one year to go until the 5th Money Laundering Directive has to be transposed into national law. These new set of regulations brings significant changes to the requirements on regulated businesses: “to better counter the financing of terrorism and to ensure increased transparency of financial transactions”. These requirements will need to be adopted by January 10th 2020 at the latest.

So, what do businesses need to prepare for?

It is still uncertain whether UK companies will have to comply with it, but in any case, we’ve created our HooYu Compliance Guide that explains how 5MLD will impact companies customer on-boarding & due diligence processes.

Download our guide to find out
    • The six key issues from 5MLD that will have the most impact on customer on-boarding & customer due diligence.
    • The reason as to why 5MLD follows on so closely from 4MLD.
    • The significant changes 5MLD brings to the requirements on regulated businesses